Buying Guide – Warranty Extension

What is Warranty Extension?

Warranty extension is a new set of warranty period given to users in order to increase their time beyond the regular warranty period. Since warranty periods only last for a year or so, an extended warranty makes sure that your laptops/tablets are safe even after the given warranty time. In the case of Lenovo products, warranty can be extended up to 2 years beyond the original warranty.


Why choose an Extended Warranty period?

There are various reasons why extended warranty should also be chosen along with your warranty period.

Firstly, laptops and tablets are mobile products, and so there is always a risk of damage well after the given set of 1-2 years of warranty.

Secondly, laptops face the risk of internal problems after 1-2 years depending on the usage by the customer.

And lastly, the average cost of repairs in a laptop is much more than the cost of the extended warranty.


Things to look out for when buying a warranty extension:

Availability of extended warranty:

As a first step, you should check whether extended warranty is applicable for your product. If you’re using a Lenovo product, you can get extended warranty for Ideapad and Thinkpad laptops and IdeaCentre and ThinkCentre all-in-ones. Check out Lenovo’s ( warranty extension page to see the availability of extended warranty. If you can’t find the warranty for your product, you can call on Lenovo’s toll-free customer service number for advice.

Type of warranty extension:

Warranty extension comes in different types. Lenovo offers two different types of warranty extensions: Extended warranty and Accidental damage protection. Extended warranty, as the name suggests, is an extension to the regular warranty. Whereas accidental damage protection offers coverage against any accidental damages. Accidental damage protection is more economical than the extended warranty.

Term of extended warranty:

Extended warranty can range from anywhere between 1 and 2 years. For instance, if the extended warranty is for 1 year, then you will get warranty extension for 1 year beyond your original warranty term. Naturally, a 2-year extended warranty is more expensive than a 1-year term. However, it gives you peace of mind for a longer time period.

Things covered:

Before buying an extended warranty, you should check for the things covered under the warranty. For example, some warranty extensions cover damages caused by electrical failures. Also, you should check whether the extended warranty covers the normal wear and tear.

Things not covered:

Extended warranties do not cover certain things. For example, Lenovo’s accidental protection cover does not include theft as an accident. So before buying an extended warranty, you should thoroughly check the things not covered as part of extended warranty.


Glossary of terms

Warranty: A period of time in which you get protection from the manufacturer of your laptop, all-in-one or tablet. During the warranty period, you get free repairs and faulty parts, if any, are replaced without any extra charges.

Extended warranty: A warranty extension is a time of protection for your laptop or your tablet beyond the original warranty period. Extended warranty can be bought by paying an extra price.

Warranty status: Warranty extension is available only for products that are presently covered under a warranty. Warranty status will determine whether a warranty extension can be purchased or not.

Onsite warranty: In this type of warranty, you get service at your doorstep. So if there are any issues with your laptop or tablet when in warranty, a Lenovo service representative will visit your place to check the issue.

Carry in warranty: In this type of warranty, if your laptop or tablet is facing any issues (within the warranty period), you need to carry to your device to the nearest authorized service centre.