ThinkPad T Series

What is ThinkPad T Series?

T Series is a flagship laptop series, which is a part of Lenovo’s ThinkPad line of laptops that are designed for business &professional use. T Series laptops are known for their strong performance and work-friendly keyboards.

Which are the top models in the ThinkPad T Series?

In India, the top laptop models under the ThinkPad T series are:

  • T440p I7-This high-performance machine runs on the latest Intel i7 processor. T440p I7 is suited for those who require high processing power.
  • T440p –This highly popular laptop runs on the Intel i5 processor. The laptop is ideal for most business and professional users.

What are the key features of ThinkPad T Series laptops?

Strong performance: T-Series laptops are designed to handle the everyday rigors of a working professional’s life. These laptops meet the Mil-STD-810 standard, which is a US military standard test to evaluate a product’s performance under harsh environments. Also, the 23 MM thickness adds to the robustness of these machines.

Rapid boot feature:Rapid Boot is a proprietary program of Lenovo. This feature allows ThinkPad laptops to boot quickly within seconds. According to a 2011 official press release, the Rapid boot feature allows a laptop to get started within 10 seconds.

Dual Array microphones with noise suppression:These microphones eliminate echo and background noise and improve the clarity of online conversations.

Spill resistant keyboard: Laptops of the ThinkPad T Series feature ergonomic, spill-resistant keyboards that are known for their user-friendly keys and Lenovo’s TrackPoint button. The keyboard also has function-lock capabilities and features an optional backlight.

What are the benefits of ThinkPad T Series laptops?

Durability: Thanks to the Mil-STD-810 standard, the ThinkPad T series laptops are durable and long lasting. The MIL Spec testing involves testing against several parameters including high pressure, high temperature, temperature shock, dust, humidity and vibration. This means the ThinkPad T series laptop can easily survive in extreme conditions. 

Fast startup: With the rapid boot feature, you don’t have to wait endlessly for your machine to get started. You can quickly get going with your essential applications, while the other non-critical applications or features are loaded gradually.

Ease-of-communication: The noise cancelling dual array microphones allow users to have conversations even in noisy environments with a lot of background noise. With this feature, users don’t have to worry about repeating their messages or missing out on important information.

Ease-of-typing: With the unique keyboard, the ThinkPad makes typing easy for heavy users of the keyboard. The spill-resistant capabilities take care of the occasional water or tea spill, which is very common for professionals. The optional backlight makes it easier to type even in the dark. And the function-lock feature allows users to use the function keys for routine tasks such as adjusting brightness and volume with ease.

Who is ThinkPad T series suitable for?

The high-performance laptop is ideal for professionals or entrepreneurs who don’t want to deal with delicate, high-maintenance devices.

The processor, memory, storage, keyboard and body of these laptops are ideal to meet the evolving computing needs of working professionals, such as:

  • Chartered accountants
  • Home-office entrepreneurs
  • KPO professionals
  • Librarians
  • Human resource professionals
  • Digital marketing professionals

Where can you buy ThinkPad T series laptops?

You can buy ThinkPad T series laptops from Lenovo India’s official online store.

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