What are tablet accessories?

Tablet accessories are hardware devices that help you get more value out of your existing tablet. Some accessories like cases and covers help increase the life of your tablet.

Examples of tablet accessories:

  • Cases and covers – For protecting the tablet from external wear and tear and also to make it look attractive
  • Chargers – To make up for lost chargers or to serve in different locations, such as home/office
  • Screen protectors – To protect the screen of your tablet
  • Cables – For transferring data to and from the tablet
  • Stylus pens –To enable handwriting on your tablet
  • Speakers – To enhance the audio output of the tablet


Types of Tablet accessories by need

Tablet accessories can be categorized based on their need. Let’s look at the common types of tablet accessories.

Protection accessories: These accessories help in protecting the tablet from damage and thus increasing its life. Examples of protection accessories include cases and covers and screen protectors. You can get case protectors based on the model of your tablet. For example, if you have a 7-inch tablet, you can get a case protector for that exact size. Screen protectors or screen guards help in protecting your tablet’s screen from scratches or damages when they fall down accidentally. Like case protectors, you can get screen protectors for specific devices, like a screen protector for Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 or for Lenovo Tab 2.

Data& storage-related accessories:These accessories help you in transferring data to and from the tablet or providing additional storage. For example, cables help you in transferring data. While you get a cable with a tablet, sometimes you may misplace it and thus need an additional cable. Or you will need multiple cables for different locations, such as home and office.

Storage related accessories include memory cards. By adding a memory card, you can increase the storage capacity of a tablet. Memory cards come with different storage capacities such as 8 GB, 16 GB, 32 GB, and 64 GB.

Sound accessories: These accessories improve the audio experience of your tablet. Examples of sound accessories include speakers, headphones, and Bluetooth headsets. Speakers can help you get higher volume and superior sound than what is provided by your default tablet speakers. Headsets allow you to listen to music without any disturbance or do voice and video calls. Bluetooth headsets can be connected without any wires.

Other accessories: These are accessories that do not fall under a specific category, but still are essential. For example, an extra charger can come in very handy; you can keep one at home and one at office, so you don’t have to carry a tablet charger everyday. Similarly, stylus pens can be a very good productivity tool. If you’re used to handwriting, the stylus pen allows you to write on the screen of the tablet, just like you would write on a piece of paper. Keyboards allow you to use the tablet just like a laptop or a desktop.


Things to look out for when buying tablet accessories:

Protection accessories: When buying protection accessories, you should check the size and whether it’s suited for your tablet. You can find case protectors for specific devices, such as a case protector for Lenovo Tab 2 or a cover for Samsung Galaxy Tab 3. Secondly, you should check the material of the protection accessory, whether they are made of leather or plastic. Leather case protectors also enhance the look of your tablet. Check out also for features like magnetic flap close or anti slip grip when buying case protectors.

Data & storage-related accessories: When buying data accessories like cables you should check out their length (typically in metres), cable speed, compatibility with your device etc. For instance, in terms of length you can get cables up to 2 metres. You should check what length is appropriate for you. Also, you should check the cable speed, as the higher the speed, the faster the data will get transferred through the cable.

For storage accessories like memory cards, you should check out the storage capacity, read speed and transfer speed. If you have a lot of movies or games, you should opt for a higher storage capacity such as 64 GB. A faster read or transfer speed will improve the efficiency of transferring the data.

Sound accessories: When buying sound accessories for your tablet, you should check out the features provided by different brands. In the case of speakers, you should look out for things like power source (whether they can be battery powered), power output (the higher the output, the more powerful the speaker will be), and whether they have a memory card slot.

In the case of headphones, you should check out for specific features like noise cancellation, design (earbud or over the head), etc. Also, headphones come in a wide price range, so you should check out the price and understand why certain models are more expensive.

Other accessories:When buying an accessory like chargers, you should check out their capacity, their type etc. For example, some chargers come with a detachable USB cable; this is a very useful feature as the cable can also be used for transferring data to and from the tablet. Some chargers come with a digital display that show the status of charging. Check out the various features before shortlisting a charger.

When buying stylus pens, you should check out their slimness, thickness of the tip, etc. Some stylus pens can double up as a normal pen and can also write on paper.

When buying a keyboard, you should look for things like material, size and compatibility. Some tablet keyboards can also double up as a cover case.


Glossary of terms:

Magnetic flap close: Applicable for tablet covers, magnetic flap close means the flap closure in these covers features a magnet. This makes it easy to close the flap and also provides more secure protection against non-magnetic flap close.

Scratch/bump protection: These type of tablet covers provide resistance to scratches caused by accidental falls or other similar incidents. Similarly, bump protection safeguards the tablet from bumps.

Anti-slip grip: This type of grip makes it easy to grasp the tablet, which is otherwise very smooth and thus faces the risk of slipping. An anti-slip grip minimizes the changes of the tablet slipping from your hands.

Cable form factor: This refers to the physical shape and size of the cable. Form factor can be flat or round.

Cable speed: This refers to the speed in which the cable transfers the data. For example, cable speed can be 1000 Mbps.

Read/transfer speed: These terms are relevant to memory cards. Read speed refers to the speed in which the memory card reads the data from the local source, and transfer speed refers to the speed at which data is transferred to the memory card.

Flatwire: In the context of headphones, flatwire means they have a flat cable, and thus minimize the chances of them getting tangled.